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Malcolm Baker - CLUNES - Landlord , 04 Oct 2017

I engaged the services of Kimberley from Bangalow Real Estate to manage my property in Clunes. I think the property is quite "special" and I wanted to get the best possible rent. Initially, I met with several agents from Byron Bay who claimed to specialise in upper end hinterland properties. When these people seemed to fail to grasp the reality of the situation (quoting what seemed to me to be ridiculously low rents) I decided to try a more local agent. Kimberley visited the property and immediately it was obvious she knew her business. We discussed rent levels and settled on an amount which was slightly higher than I'd imagined. Then, within a couple of weeks, the property was rented to a very suitable tenant at exactly the rent that Kimberley had suggested. Phase one was complete and I was 100% satisfied. Phase two (that's the bit where they actually have to manage the property) is now in its 4th month and I couldn't be more happy with the service I get. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and a quick round of "for she's a jolly good fellow" etc etc.