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Artemis - BANGALOW - Landlord , 11 Jun 2019

Having owned multiple rental properties in 3 states of Australia, I get to deal with a LOT of rental managers. I’ve chosen carefully, so most of the rental managers I’ve dealt with are really good. However, every now and then I find someone truly outstanding – and of course I stick with them and recommend them to others.

Kimberley at Bangalow Real Estate is an exceptional property manager. She loves her job, and does it with enormous care. As a landlord, I’ve been so impressed by her pro-activeness and diligence in looking for the exact right tenant for me. And in the one situation where a tenant didn’t work out and we had to submit an insurance claim for loss of rent, Kimberly was right there putting in the insurance claim for me, and taking the stress out of the situation.