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Pet Reference Guide

If you're applying for a pet friendly rental please read our guide below.

We know that applying for a rental property with your furry friend can sometimes be difficult.

This guide will give you an idea of what to include in your application for a great pet reference.


A written description/profile of your pet – the kind of things owners for ask are: 

        -    Age, breed and gender?

        -    Are they de-sexed

        -    Temperament and characteristics?

       -    Indoor or outdoor pet?

        -    Council registration forms?

        -    Copy of pet passport - showing vet visits?

        -    Have they completed behavioural training? Attach documents/certificates

        -    Feel free to attach a photo of your pets!


A written pet reference. You could ask anyone that can credibly speak to your pet’s behaviour and can be contacted to confirm.

Some examples for who to ask would be:

        -    Previous landlord/agent

        -    Boarding kennels your pet has stayed at

        -    Neighbours


  Good luck!